Buckhead Wellness Center

Precision Joint Adjustments & Soft Tissue Therapy

proadjuster and prosoft‚Äč


The ProAdjuster360 is the most recent development in advanced chiropractic health care. Utilizing the latest computerized treatment technology, the ProAdjuster360 accurately analyzes and interprets joint motion, then delivers comfortable, precision adjustments based upon each patient's data. Following the treatment, improved joint motion changes are confirmed with post-treatment analysis. The use of before and after data during each encounter affords both doctor and patient complete confidence in the treatment and the management of the patient's individual care plan.

ProSoft360 for MMT

The ProSoft360 for Mechanical Motion Therapy is a non-invasive, unique treatment choice for improving the condition of muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The ProSoft360 has 64 condition-specific protocols that target the neural pathways, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and surrounding soft tissues to improve communication throughout the body. Mechanical Motion Therapy produces rapid results, often after the first treatment. The ProSoft360 for MMT delivers gentle and precise impacts onto the body’s soft tissues in order to reduce symptoms and improve performance.

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